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Truth sets us free, and continuing to work in a way that doesn’t produce a desired result can be remedied by the injection and application of fresh perspective and insight. Through my work as a counselor and pastor, I am dedicated to finding principles and practices by which we can experience real freedom and lasting change in our personal journey and relationships.
Leadership / Consulting / Training

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Leadership Development
Work with church leaders and spouses for training to develop their potential as leaders, and for counseling to nurture their health in a safe, confidential setting.
Consulting & Coaching
Identify obstacles and blind spots that hinder teams from reaching their full potential, through problem solving, conflict resolution, and encouragement.
Training & Events
Speaking and training for churches and teams in practical areas, including relationships, marriage, parenting, sexuality, and resting in the Father's love.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Principles and practices for real freedom and lasting change

Stepping into What God Has for Us

When Joshua and Caleb explored the Promised Land, they had a different mindset than their fellow spies. What inhibits us from stepping into God's promises is not usually the circumstances in front of us, but how we look at the situation.
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What's Stopping You?

What stands between you and what you want? Your answer to this question determines how much of the life God wants for you that you will enter and enjoy.
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What it Means to be Reborn

Jesus said unless you have been reborn you will not see the Kingdom of God. We discuss what it means to be reborn and what it means for your life.
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What do you want Me to do for you?

One of the most important questions Jesus asked that you've probably never answered - "What do you want Me to do for you?" Why is that a big deal? Check it out.
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Married 41 awesome years
3 cool kids with amazing spouses
6 way cool grandchildren
Pastor/counselor 36 years
Planted and pastored a church for 24 years
Coach/consultant/event speaker 15 years

About Chip Judd

No one is more surprised than I am about the cool stuff I’m doing now, and I continue to be honored to watch God work in relentlessly amazing ways as people trust Him enough to open their lives and organizations to fresh perspectives.

Starting out on this journey, my wife, Coleen, and I planted and pastored a church for 24 years and, after successfully transferring leadership, have transitioned into the roles of consultant, life coach, counselor and trainer. We have the privilege of working with individuals, families, leaders and organizations to facilitate growth and progress toward their goals and objectives.

Throughout more than three decades as a counselor and pastor I have witnessed tremendous healing and growth as I’ve poked and prodded people toward healthier, more consistently fulfilling ways of doing life. We would be honored to help you experience and enjoy real freedom and lasting change in your personal journey and relationships.

– Chip
I continue to be awed and honored to watch God work in relentlessly amazing ways as people trust Him enough to open their lives and organizations to fresh eyes and ideas.
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