Where are We Headed?

March 29, 2018
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Please allow me to ramble about my sense of what’s next, or where I see this new adventure going in the near future. As stated in the previous entry we feel we are entering v 3.0 of our life and ministry together. It will be a convergence of the learnings, relationships, challenges, and opportunities that we’ve encountered and been shaped by for the last 40 years. It seems to us that it is a reasonable extension of what we’ve found ourselves doing all along.

I’ve been stuck at the threshold literally for years so I’m going to start by using things that have low start up requirements and yet I believe can be helpful in beginning some discussions and conversations that are helpful and important in several areas. Beginning this month we’re going to begin a monthly process to build community and conversation around a recent message that addresses topics relevant to our personal health and growth.

This is only the beginning! We’re going to be adding book reviews and recommendations, interviews and conversations with guests, and other ways to raise and discuss current challenges and opportunities we all face in life. Eventually we want to create and make online courses available in some of the areas in which we feel God has given us something helpful to pass along to others.

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