Jump Starting This Website... I hope.

May 12, 2020

My website has been inactive for over a year. I'm going to see if I can change that. Watch for what's coming next. Here's some of what I hope to see happening here and on other sites and platforms that we use.

  • ReThink The Future - this is a slow, flowing conversation among old friends, new friends, and not-yet friends aimed at encouraging fresh thinking around questions that are unsettling to business as usual.
  • Thrive360 LeaderCare - a growing group of leaders investing time and talk in the quest for "High Capacity and High Health" ways of doing life and ministry.
  • Mental Health And The Mission Of The Church - I've had a dream for over 30 years... Bringing "sanctified psychology" into a critical role in the center of our efforts to make disciples.
  • 8-Minute MindShift - A weekly thought-sharing talk, teaching, rant, soul-massage motivated by our desire to help you break free of victim-thinking and incrementally rebuild your life from the inside out. 
  • Discussion of books, podcasts, music, movies, and other resources capable of challenging us to think deeper and live with more passion and purpose. 

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