"I should..." "Says who?"

May 26, 2020
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As I started to pray this morning, the first day of the work week, I was thinking through the lens of what “I should” work on today. I felt God gently “tap me“ and say, “Says who?“

It was as if God was saying there’s some other voice or agenda driving my choice of targets and the pace at which I should be moving toward them.

As I gave in to the moment I sensed God’s peace come over me like a warm, soaking blanket. I was able to change gears from urgent, driven productivity mode (yes, believe it or not I go there occasionally) and I surrendered to God’s invitation to join him in a moment of engagement. I opened myself to the entrance of his peace and perspective. I began to see what I was doing from a different angle (perspective is the angle from which you view something). Then I felt an old, familiar voice rise up out of the fog saying, “Stop being a disappointment.“

As I gave my full attention to this ongoing encounter I sensed the comforting voice of my God saying, “Have I brought you this far to leave you to your own devices? Trust me. I got this.“

Let me ask you this one question: Did you get where you are as a result of urgent, driven overactivity, always feeling the pressure of what you “should do” to please God and live up to your potential, or was it by hearing God’s tender invitations to be yourself and by trusting Him to do what you can’t? Was it from a perspective of “receiving” (focused on what God does for you) or “achieving” (focused on what you do for God)? Are you so foolish, senseless, and silly? Having begun your journey seeing yourself as happily helpless, are you now looking to your own strengths and abilities as if your progress depends on you? (Paraphrase of Gal 3:2-3 AMP)

Don’t just do something, sit there.

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