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My Mid-Year Gut Check

Hey, do you ever stop and see if you’re where you wanted to be when the year started? You should. You’ve probably heard the word “trajectory”. It means “the movement of a body over time”. You map your trajectory by marking or measuring your movement in the areas in which you want to make progress […]
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"I should..." "Says who?"

As I started to pray this morning, the first day of the work week, I was thinking through the lens of what “I should” work on today. I felt God gently “tap me“ and say, “Says who?“ It was as if God was saying there’s some other voice or agenda driving my choice of targets […]
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Jump Starting This Website... I hope.

My website has been inactive for over a year. I'm going to see if I can change that. Watch for what's coming next. Here's some of what I hope to see happening here and on other sites and platforms that we use. ReThink The Future - this is a slow, flowing conversation among old friends, […]
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Where are We Headed?

Please allow me to ramble about my sense of what’s next, or where I see this new adventure going in the near future.
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